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Custom Cardboard Boxes

Find everything you need for Custom Cardboard Boxes Melbourne here at Boxes To Go. If it’s not on the site, request a quote, call us, text us, email us, leave a voicemail, send a carrier pigeon, we will come up with a solution and then make it happen. We are always available to talk it through. Free advice is part of the service! And if we can’t make it, we will tell you who can.

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Any Size, Any Qty

Our catch cry is “Any Size Any Qty”. No matter how big or small we can do it. If you have encountered companies that want you to order hundreds of custom cardboard boxes at a time (when you just don’t need that many), give us a call because 9 times out of 10 we can avoid unrealistic “ordering parameters” imposed onto you and make you the exact number of boxes that YOU want. Check out just some of our custom box styles:

Box Styles

Black Dog and Wet Ones printed cardboard boxes

Located in Melbourne

Being local means faster manufacturing and fast delivery! Our factory is located in Sunshine with easy access to the Western Ring Rd. Having our factory close by allows us to service you better. Come in and see us in our Sunshine factory for a consultation and we can help you fulfil your custom cardboard box needs. We’ve got plenty of cardboard box samples to ensure you can make the right choices for your packaging needs. Contact us for a chat!

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It’s All In The Family

Boxes To Go is a Family owned manufacturing business based in the west of Melbourne, located in Sunshine, with easy access to the Western Ring Road. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, service and all round awesomeness. We are dedicated to helping you find solutions for packaging & custom cardboard boxes melbourne. We’re one of the leading packaging suppliers Melbourne. Request a quote or get in touch to find out more.

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Get the Cardboard Boxes Melbourne You Need

Boxes To Go was started in 2010 by 2 experienced packaging professionals who believe that service is the backbone to a customer’s experience.
Service means different things to different people. For startups and customers new to packaging it means advice on the style and strength of packaging needed to meet performance and cost expectations. For medium users, it may be meeting production lead times or helping with unusual delivery constraints. For the larger user, it may be managing inventory and fluctuating demand. Our manufacturing process allows us to provide custom cardboard boxes Melbourne and die-cut boxes fast and in any order size. Being a manufacturer allows us to get you out of trouble when short turn around is needed. We have full design and prototyping capability, allowing customers to see what they are getting prior to ordering. As one of the leading packaging suppliers Melbourne, we can provide an incredible service and get you the boxes you need fast.


Stock Boxes

We also have a range of remainders and stock boxes available. See our list of Stock Boxes and Remainders. 
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Regular Cartons

These boxes do not require any tooling to produce. Because of this, they are usually more cost effective for shorter runs. 
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Die Cut Boxes

Die cut cartons can be made into any style or shape you need. The answers are only limited by our imaginations. 
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Printed Boxes

Printing adds cents (and sense) your box allowing branding and product/company information to be seen by your customers.
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Corner Cut

Corner Cut Folders, are ideal for those products which are best packed laid down. 
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Heavy Duty

There are times when a regular box is just not good enough! Sometimes you need a bigger and much stronger box to get the job done. 
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line of 5 gold stars“I am now dealing with a long term partner, well done, Boxes To Go.”

line of 5 gold stars

“Even though my order was minuscule, the service and my boxes are perfect”

line of 5 gold stars

“Extremely helpful and friendly which made the whole process easy!”

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“Couldn’t have dealt with better people. The service and assistance was outstanding.”

Not Sure What You’re After?

We’re here to help! Pop your details in the form below and we can discuss what you need. After all, we’re experienced Boxologists… It’s what we do!

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Packaging Suppliers Melbourne

If you’re in need of custom packaging for your business, our team can help you organise a design for your box, and help you fit all the information you need on it. We have several options available for printing and design, including litho and digital printing options, for inside and out printing. If you’re not sure what kind of packaging your after, give our expert team a call today and we’ll help you work out exactly what you need.

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