What is the secret to packaging tape?

Packaging tape, how simple is this?  Well, I am learning about the different types of adhesives available and what they are good for.

Once you get into any subject you find what looks so simple has levels of complexity that is hidden until you dig.

Acrylic adhesive packaging tape

Often described as a budget packaging tape because it is cheaper.  Some find it doesn’t stick to boxes!!  Generally Acrylic tapes have good adhesive performance but the bond improves over time.  Acrylic tapes are recommended for taping boxes that will be used in a cold environment.


  • Cost effective
  • Bond improves over time
  • Performs well in Cold environments
  • Have better heat, UV and shear resistance


  • Can be hard to stick initially
  • Not suited to dusty environments
  • Can be hard to stick to recycled cardboard

Hot Melt Rubber Adhesive packaging tape

Great all-rounder best used in normal environmental conditions.  Known for quick, consistent and reliable bond and excellent strength in transport.


  • Quick bond
  • Secure over time


  • Not ideal in cold conditions

Natural Rubber Adhesive packaging tape

King of packaging tape. Has similar properties to Hot Melt Adhesive but more aggressive.  It has better hold and can be used in dusty environments.


  • Hi Tack
  • Great for recycled cardboard
  • Great for heavy loads


  • More expensive

In conclusion, if being cost effective is important you may need to give Acrylic tape time for the bond to increase to get best results.  If tape and forget in normal environments is what you are after then a Hot Melt tape is recommended. If you have heavy loads in unfriendly conditions then Natural Rubber may be just the ticket.

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