All Stock Boxes, All Sizes, All Quantities

So you only deal with small users?  No, we have users of all sizes.

So what stock boxes do we offer a larger user?

What defines our customers is they have a need that we can meet.  For start-ups we offer knowledge of how to supply a box that meets their marketing and financial needs. Our larger users often use our experience to ensure that their current box is in the right grade that gets their product to the end user in good nick but is also the most cost effective.
One of the issues we find with our larger users is that they have trouble predicting demand. There is nothing worse than having orders to fulfil but no boxes to ship especially when you don’t have sophisticated stock management software or large purchasing departments.
A strategy we employ is to look at ordering patterns and to predict when demand will increase.  So a weekly phone call to keep on top of things mean that you get the reminder you need but the call comes with some science so is welcomed as a valid part of your Boxologist’s service.
We can also do stock checks for you by counting your stock in your warehouse and recommending order quantities to you.  Maybe Consignment stock might work.  This means that we put stock on your floor and charge for what you use.
For some customers we hold buffer stock so if you get caught short we can deliver a pallet from our floor to keep you shipping.
For others we supply all stock from our floor so we maintain a stock level and supply as needed.  As you take stock we take the responsibility of topping up in the most cost effect order quantities.
All of these services mean that there is a high level of partnership between you and your Boxologist.  Our goals are to ensure that your KPIs are being met which often means boxes ready to pack, minimise costs, and sometimes, minimise box footprint in your warehouse.

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All Stock Boxes, All Sizes, All Quantities 1

Ask your Boxologist how we can help you meet your needs. We are happy to help.
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