It is getting to that time again. Planning for the Christmas sales explosion and the time when you are on leave and what your box needs will be is not all that complicated but is made difficult more because it is a last minute thought. While I will do a lot of business out of people being disorganised, we offer a few tips to help our customers plan. So how do you work out your Christmas box needs?

What is your sales forecast?

OK, many of you are thinking it is not that simple!! Problem is some planning is better than none. So look at your sales forecast against box usage. If you are expecting to do 50% of your sales in the last 3 months of the year then you will need to have 50% of your box usage orders planned. But I don’t want to be overstocked!! I hear you call. One solution is to give your Boxologist a forward order for October, November and December to be confirmed at the end of the first week of each month. That way the bulk of the work is done in advance and can be fine tuned as you go.

outside the box

If things get hectic at your place then talk to your Boxologist about scheduling a call at particular times to remind you to check usage and forecast. What about setting minimum stock levels and having your Boxologist monitor your levels via email or visiting and recommending order quantities for your approval?

Before you go on leave talk to your Boxologist about possible needs that may arise and introduce us to someone who will look after box supply in your absence. Luckily we are always available to meet your needs.

Boxology is not Rocket Surgery but relies on some planning.


Ask your Boxologist. We are happy to help.
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