Why You Need Storage Boxes Melbourne ?

Are you looking for the best storage boxes Melbourne? Here at Boxes To Go, our team offers a variety of boxes in all shapes and sizes for your packaging needs. At Boxes To Go, we pride ourselves on our approachable, friendly, and personable service. Our range of boxes suits large, small, and fragile items – from general hand packing boxes through to more specialised boxes for wine, meat/poultry, and bigger boxes for moving house. We have boxes of all sizes, and can provide in bulk if you’re moving a lot from one place to the next.

Some of the boxes we offer include:
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Heavy-Duty Boxes

Heavy Duty cardboard boxes are made with premium corrugated cardboard and multi walls to ensure optimal structural strength.

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Corner Cut Folders

Our Corner Cut Folders are used for framed pictures, books, quantities of stacked paper, signs, and other printed materials. Our corner cut folders can be supplied in small, medium or large quantities.

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Printed Boxes

Here at Boxes to Go, we offer a printed box service for personalised information for your business. We can print information such as company name and logo, product name and details, company address, phone number and web address. Includes litho and digital options.

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Die Cut Boxes

We offer die-cut cartons and boxes for any size, style or shape in small and medium quantities.

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Regular Cartons

Our team at Boxes to Go offers regular cartons for general, meat/poultry, wine, and moving.

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Here at Boxes To Go, our full range of boxing and packaging solutions are offered with every effort made to suit the individual needs of the packaging job, whether it’s for business or personal. Our small but friendly team is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive packaging solutions for you. Contact us today at 03 9310 9220 for more information.

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Tim & Rob are amazing! They worked closely with me to determine exactly what I needed (even I didn’t know what I wanted) and were super flexible with the quantities. Being local it saved me on shipping costs and their turn around time was really fast. Would highly recommend! Thanks guys!”

Lex – Chute First Apparel

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