Heavy Duty Boxes & Packaging

There are times when a regular box is just not good enough! Sometimes you need a bigger and much stronger box to get the job done.

Heavy Duty cardboard boxes are made using premium corrugated board. This ensures structural strength is optimal. Heavy Duty box design is often multi walled in its construction. Adding sleaves can add layers on the walls where the strain is greatest. A quality Heavy Duty box will be crush resistant and will not buckle when loaded with heavy items.

Heavy duty boxes are suitable if you are packing large items or consolidating an export shipment. The options for Heavy Duty packaging design is as varied as products packed. Usual designs are Regular cartons, Half Cartons with separate lids and Sleeves with cap and base.  The design will depend on the type of product, whether the product can be placed in the box or if the box needs to be built around the product.  Volume also dictates the design.  Small quantities can be built out of layers of BC boards held in stock.  Larger quantities allow board to be ordered to suit the application.

When to use heavy duty boxes & packaging:

  • Export
  • volumes of small components
  • heavy goods
  • machinery
Heavy Duty Boxes & Packaging

Heavy Duty Boxes can come in all different shapes and sizes. If you need it strong, we can create it. Get in touch to discuss your packaging needs and we can guide you through the process.

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