Custom Die Cut Boxes Australia

When a standard box just won’t cut it, Die cut boxes are the answer. Die cut boxes and cartons can be made to fit any style or shape you need. Their unique manufacturing process and sturdy design makes them great for a million different applications. Being die-cut, they can be manufactured to precisely fit the size and shape of a product, with designs limited only by your imagination. Die cut cartons are great for self-assemble boxes that add some style to your product. They’re easy to use and require no tape or glue to assemble. Choose Boxes To Go for all your die cut boxes Australia needs.

Features include self-lock or crash lock bases, lock in tuck over ends, tuck in lids, carry handles, etc.

Dire Cut Boxes
die cut boxes

Custom Printing Options Available

We have a range of print options for die cut boxes in Australia. Customising your box can really make your product stand out, and help create that customer unboxing experience.

Print options include:

  • Plain
  • Flexo printing (cardboard box printing can be quite decorative like fruit and produce boxes)
  • Litho printing (magazine quality)
  • Digital printing (full colour, great for lower quantity)

Stock white or brown board can be used for small quantities, but for medium quantities any boards and various flutes can be used. Features include self-lock or crash lock bases, tuck over end, tuck in lids, carry handles, etc. Die cut boxes can be used to create inserts to hold product safely with the box.

Die cut cartons require a cutting form, which establishes the shape and size of the box and allows us to manufacture the box. If you need a custom form for a custom die cut box design, our team can help you create one that meets your needs.

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Not Just a Pretty Box

Not only do die cut cartons look great, their design makes them fantastic for storage, product protection and quick assembly. They’re also incredibly cost-effective, as they’re cheap to produce en mass. If you’ve got a large order of boxes to fill, choose Boxes To Go for low cost die cut boxes Australia.

Die cut cartons require a cutting form. This is the tool that holds the knives that cuts and creates folds on the boxes, and how custom die cut boxes are designed and created

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Uses for Die Cut Boxes Australia

Die cut cartons have many uses including:

  • mailers
  • wine carry packs
  • wine lay downs
  • gift boxes
  • counter displays
  • floor displays
  • dump bins
  • trays
  • folding cartons

Why Choose Die Cut Boxes?

If you need a quick and custom packaging solution for your products, die cut is the way to go. Talk to our in-house design team about printing for your boxes, and get boxes that match your needs in bulk. Our boxes are available in a large range of designs and sizes, and can fit your products perfectly and elegantly. Die cut boxes are among the easiest to customise, allowing us to be more creative with the basic design. You can print your logo and designs on the box in prime position, or even customise the box completely to create a unique customer experience for your product. For more information on any of our boxes or services, talk to our team today!

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