How To Turn 1 cardboard box into 2

Imaging that you have 2 boxes with a length and width of 400mm x 250mm and one has a height of 300mm and one has a height of 250mm

What if you ordered the box with an extra crease in the body?  Why not two? or More?

The advantage is that one box now serves two purposes. By using a box cutter to cut the corners down to the internal crease you achieve a neat looking package and hold only one line of packaging inventory.

Most corrugators can put a crease within 40mm of the top or bottom crease without extra cost!!

This option is particularly good if you are packing up to 50 boxes a day.  After that the benefits are outweighed by the higher labour cost.

Talk to your boxologist about how this option could meet your space and cash flow needs.
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