Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make boxes?

Yes! We manufacture corrugated boxes at our factory in Sunshine North. We can make a wide range of boxes RSCs (standard Cardboard Boxes) to Die cut Boxes (boxes with non-rectangular shapes), You design the product we will design the box.

What does the Board Grade code mean?

There are 2 factors that impact corrugated board: Flute and Liners
Flute determines the profile of the board

The liners make up the layers of the board. So, a single flute has an inside liner, fluting medium and outside liner. The difference between 4C and 1C is that the liners of the 1C are heavier paper.

Are your boxes Australian made?

Boxes To Go boxes are 100% Australian owned and made from Australian made corrugated board. We’re a local business established in 2010 with 100 years of combined experience in packaging.

What is custom packaging?

Custom packaging is packaging designed to fit a specific purpose. This could be to fit a custom-made product, to store specific items, or to transport a product from A to B in the best way possible. While we specialise in custom packaging, we also hold a range of stock boxes for when size is flexible and the client needs a lower quantity of packaging manufactured.

What custom packaging should I use?

This really depends on the product being packaged and the customer experience when they open the box. Things like the size, durability and purpose of the product all need to be taken into account when getting custom packaging. When you put through a quote request, we will recommend a box design and board grade to suit your product.

How can I design a custom box?

Send through a quote request with as much detail and information as you can think of. The clearer you can convey what you want, the more accurate a quote we can provide. Pictures and other documents can be attached. If you’re struggling to work out what you need, our Request a Quote page has a list of all the information we need to provide you with a quote. We can also design packaging to suit your product.

What is the quickest way to get a quote?

The quickest way to get a quote is to fill in the Quote Request on our website. It may seem cumbersome, but all fields are necessary to provide you with accurate pricing.

What is the minimum quantity for orders?

There is NO minimum. However, the price per box can go up in lower quantities, especially for custom boxes. Our prices include certain fixed costs which is averaged out over the number of boxes you get. So, any quantity is achievable but not every quantity is cost effective. If you need a small quantity, we recommend choosing an existing template from our stock box range.

Quantity also determines the production process we use. So litho and flexo printed boxes move to digital printing on shorter runs. Die cut boxes become plotter cut (CNC) on shorter runs. This can also affect the final price per box.

Can I get a sample box/proof of concept for custom boxes?

Yes! Samples are supplied on request and part of our order sign off process.

Can you make custom boxes for food items/consumable goods?

We supply boxes for food and cosmetics subscription boxes, food inc. jar boxes, coffee boxes and more. If you’re not sure your product would make sense in a custom box, just ask our team and we can show you what a box for your product might look like.

Can I get dividers to separate my jars, bottles or other products?

Yes! We design partitions for many purposes.

Can you print on both sides of a box?

Yes! We can. With our state-of-the-art, commercial grade inkjet printer we print in full CMYK colour both inside and out.

Are there limits to the colours I can use?

While there are no limits overall, the kind of printing process used can limit the colours you can get, as well as the finish (matte, gloss, etc.)

For flexo printing, you can choose 1,2 or 3 colours.

For digital printing, you have the full range of CMYK colours.

For Litho printing, you have the full range of CMYK plus the option to add spot colours, varnishes (matte, gloss or spot) and laminates.

Can I get Gold Foil?

Yes, but this requires litho printing and is not cost effective under 1000 quantity.

What are your shipping costs?

Boxes To Go use same day couriers to deliver around Melbourne Metro and Geelong. Local shipping is included in the quoted price.

Interstate freight will need to be quoted on a case-by-case basis.

If you have a good relationship with a freight company who deliver to your area, your rates are likely to be better than ours and you are welcome to arrange your own freight picked up from our factory in Sunshine North.

Can I pick up from your factory?

Yes, but be aware of the size of the load. It doesn’t take many boxes to fill a station wagon. For example, an AA4 box with internal dimensions of 430*310*230 has a flat size of 750mm x 550mm and a pack of 25 is 300mm high.

What are your turnaround times?

Plain cardboard boxes are around 5 days depending on the board used.

New die cut or printed work is 2-3 week from sign off.

Repeat printed (Flexo Boxes) are 5-7 working days

Repeat printed (Digital Boxes) are 5-10 working days

Repeat printed litho boxes 10-15 working days

Note we will do our best to meet the timelines required.

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