Custom Printing Boxes | Options available

We have a range of print options for custom die cut boxes and off-the shelf stock boxes in Australia.

Custom printing your die cut boxes can really make your product stand out, and help create that customer unboxing experience.

custom Printing boxes options include:

Flexo custom printing boxes High Speed print on customer cardboard box. This printing is flatter in its style of print and cheaper to produce. This style of custom cardboard box printing is very effective and will produce a great result for the budget conscious. This style of printing is used for 80% of custom cardboard boxes like fruit and produce boxes, shelf ready packaging.

custom printing boxes

Lithographic/Offsett printing The King of printing. All bets are off here, let your imagination flow and your ideas run wild.

If you want to make your Boxes POP we can add the following embellishments:

  1. Overall gloss
  2. Spot Gloss
  3. Spot UV
  4. Cello Cover
  5. Emboss
  6. De-Emboss
  7. Gold or Silver Foil


The visual impact of this packaging is always impressive and can be tailored for any discerning customer.

Digital printing Full colour printing great for lower quantity 1-1000 – no embelishment can be added

Stock white or brown board

Can be used for small quantities, but for medium quantities any boards and various flutes can be used. Features include self-lock or crash lock bases, tuck over end, tuck in lids, carry handles, etc. Die cut boxes can be used to create inserts to hold product safely with the box.

Die cut cartons require a cutting form, which establishes the shape and size of the box and allows us to manufacture the box. If you need a custom form for a custom die cut box design, our team can help you create one that meets your needs.


Boxologists can create any custom solution for you. It is only limited by your imaginations assist ed by our expertise.

Boxes To Go can develop you packaging from an idea or your creative thoughts to a 2D design concepts which can be manipulated to develop it into a protype all on the latest industry leading IMPACT design software. This software is used by the leading packaging houses of the world is only limited by our imagination on how we develop solutions.

When the solution is not available “off-the shelf”. Who can you call..........your Boxologist at Boxes TO GO.

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