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We are often asked about custom printed boxes. Printing adds cents (and sense) to your box allowing branding and product/company information to be seen by your customers. There are 3 methods for printing on cardboard packaging. Flexo, Digital and Litho (offset).


Digital allows inkjet single colour to CMYK (Full Colour) printing and is very cost effective in lower (10-500) quantities. Our digital printer allows BOTH SIDE PRINTING!! This allows you more flexibility to create that customer unboxing experience

Custom Prined Boxes Melbourne
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Litho is the king of custom boxes printing. Litho printing gives magazine quality print in pictures, logos and text and allows for matt, gloss and spot varnishes. Both sides printing is also available in Litho.


Flexo accounts for 90% of all cardboard boxes printing. It is high speed and part of the box making process. When ordering an RSC (Regular box) The sheet is made, including the horizontal creases, prior to printing so keeping the borders of your print 10mm from the horizontal creases helps your box to look great. 100% print is possible but requires full die cutting.

For die cut boxes there are no restrictions.

There is no cost difference between large areas and small areas of print as far as the cost to manufacture is concerned. The only difference is in the cost of the printing stereo (plate).

We often advise customers to determine the largest amount of data possible to fit on their printed boxes. The savings for minimising print area is not worth it in the long run. Remember that stereo charges are only due on the first order when the stereo is created and after that only the unit rate is charged.

Printed boxes Melbourne

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