Corner Cut Folders

Corner Cut Folders, are ideal for those products which are best packed laid down.

Examples of Corner Cut Folder use are framed pictures, large sheets (A0 or A1) of stacked paper and printed signs.

The Corner Cut Folder is very efficient where the height of the box is small compared to the length and width. The box is loaded when flat allowing the flaps to be closed around the product and taped down the centre.

Different board grades can be used to protect different products.  Lighter grades can be used when the purpose is to keep the product contained and clean. Heavy duty materials can be used when the product requires protection from bending or impact during transport.

Corner cut folders can be supplied plain in smaller quantities or printed for medium to large quantities.

  • Examples are framed pictures
  • Large sheets of stacked paper
  • Shipping printed materials
  • Books
  • Picture frames
  • Signs

Here at Boxes To Go, we don’t require a die form to produce Corner Cut Folders which makes manufacturing simple and more cost effective.

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