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I recently had to visit VicRoads to change over the registration on my car. I feared a long wait, having to come back as the form was incorrect or was filled out with blue pen instead of black. I was expecting to write off hours.

But instead I was met at the ticket machine for the queuing system by a man who greeted me warmly, asked what I was there to do and checked over my paperwork before I sat down declaring all in order. I had a 5 minute wait before being called to the desk, paperwork processed, credit card accessed and I was on my way. It was a thoroughly pleasant customer service experience.

I can only aspire to create the same feelings in those who deal with Boxes to Go.

I know it is a crazy time of year. Everyone wants deliveries before Christmas, your social calendar is full and family commitments are many. But you can save yourself some later stress by checking your stocks now. Let your Boxologist know if you are going to need some more boxes in January. Merry Christmas to all.

Are you importing packaging or importing your goods packed? I’m sure this looked great when the $AUS was at parity with the $US. But now that the $AUS is heading below 84c it is surely becoming less economic. As circumstances change we need to adapt and change our practices to keep ahead of the market. Talk to your Boxologist about the benefits of local supply.

The FFCO design 0427 or tuck over end, tuck in top with dog ears and dust flaps is very versatile. It works in relatively short run (250-500) or high volumes.

The best part of this design is it looks smart plain but with a single colour print looks smarter and the possibilities are endless. The top of the range is litho label. This is where we print your design in litho so you can get any finish possible in litho, so full 4 colour process, plus spot colours, plus gloss varnish, plus foils or other enhancements. This is laminated to the corrugated board prior to die cutting. Also inserts can hold your product and present your contents in the best light.


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