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While I am sure you are fully up to date with cardboard packaging there may be folk within your team who are not so up to speed.

To help educate the “new to packaging” we have filmed a small collection of explanatory videos titled Boxes 101.

Current titles include:

RSC – Regular Slotted Container    Watch here

FF5PF – Full Flap Five Panel Folder    Watch here

C&S Tray – Creased and Slotted Tray    Watch here

Die Cut 0427 Style    Watch here

These clips run for around 2 minutes. We will be doing more soon but let us know if you would like us to focus on any particular subject so we can share the love of Boxology.

Contact us at happytohelp@boxestogo.com.au

A4 100 open

We advertise Any Size, Any Quantity and will provide it (within certain physical limitations, we can’t make an RSC (regular box) 2000 x 2000 x 2000, though we could make up a box that would enclose this size making it in multiple pieces hand gluing them together).

Though the feedback I get is that in lower quantities the boxes are more expensive than the customers expect so let’s set some expectations.

RSC – Regular Slotted Container
The magic figure is 250 square meters. Below that board area we use stock board. As we use the whole sheet the pricing is based on the efficiency of how much of this sheet we use and the cost to set up and run the machine. The benefit of using stock sheet is that we can make them fast when required and you can get the quantity you want. The down side is that they are more expensive than boxes above 250 square meters where we order the board made to size.

As a guide the following boxes have the quantity required achieve 250 square meters of board.
100 x 100 x 100 2500
200 x 200 x 200 750
300 x 300 x 300 325
400 x 400 x 400 185
500 x 500 x 500 125

By no means are regular boxes made out of stock board uneconomical as a large proportion of the boxes we make are from stock board. Note that 100 boxes are far more economical that 50 and 50 better than 20 and many people ask us for 1 but when quoted we get few takers.

There are always many ways to attack a problem and our stock range often gets our customers out of trouble or satisfies a need.

At Boxes To Go we are happy to help.



0404 855 535

I get many requests for printed die cut boxes in small quantities especially for soap and candles.

There are 2 ways to make these.
1. Litho print, die cut, auto glued
2. Digital print, cut on a plotter, hand glued.

For litho printed boxes there is a cost for printing plates up to $500 and the die forme which can be between $250-$500. This means that you could be up for $500 to $1000 in set up. Put this across 50 or 100 boxes and your cost per box is already at $10 per box and you haven’t made a box yet!

You wouldn’t think about litho printed boxes below a quantity of 500 and more likely 1000, 2000+ unless cost is no obstacle.

Digital print is an option. Digital print has some limitations like all print in CYMK (4 colour) so no bold spot colours and no metallics. As they are cut on a plotter there is no tooling charge. The down side is the unit rates are generally higher. Quite frankly none I have quoted have ever gone to order.

I now recommend calling Stephen at The Packaging Place as he specialises in this type of work and freight all over the country is very reasonable. You can phone Stephen on 1300 882 919 or visit his site at http://www.packagingplace.com.au

Digital is more cost effective between 100-500 quantities.

If you are looking for specialty printing including spot colours, pattern varnish, metallic inks or foiling then Litho is your print method and with that the higher quantities to make your project cost effective.

One alternative is to use plain boxes and either order printed labels or make your own by purchasing label stock from Officeworks http://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/avery-crystal-clear-round-labels-transparent-120-pack-av980022 and making up a funky label through your office/home printer.

So hopefully armed with some more information we can avoid disappointment by helping you to set your expectations.

At Boxes To Go we are happy to help.
happytohelp@boxestogo.com.au 0404 855 535

So you only deal with small users?  No, we have users of all sizes.

So what do we offer a larger user?
What defines our customers is they have a need that we can meet.  For start-ups we offer knowledge of how to supply a box that meets their marketing and financial needs. Our larger users often use our experience to ensure that their current box is in the right grade that gets their product to the end user in good nick but is also the most cost effective.
One of the issues we find with our larger users is that they have trouble predicting demand. There is nothing worse than having orders to fulfil but no boxes to ship especially when you don’t have sophisticated stock management software or large purchasing departments.
A strategy we employ is to look at ordering patterns and to predict when demand will increase.  So a weekly phone call to keep on top of things mean that you get the reminder you need but the call comes with some science so is welcomed as a valid part of your Boxologist’s service.
We can also do stock checks for you by counting your stock in your warehouse and recommending order quantities to you.  Maybe Consignment stock might work.  This means that we put stock on your floor and charge for what you use.
For some customers we hold buffer stock so if you get caught short we can deliver a pallet from our floor to keep you shipping.
For others we supply all stock from our floor so we maintain a stock level and supply as needed.  As you take stock we take the responsibility of topping up in the most cost effect order quantities.
All of these services mean that there is a high level of partnership between you and your Boxologist.  Our goals are to ensure that your KPIs are being met which often means boxes ready to pack, minimise costs, and sometimes, minimise box footprint in your warehouse.

Ask your Boxologist how we can help you meet your needs. We are happy to help.

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