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Couldn’t have dealt with better people. The service and assistance was outstanding.
I am now dealing with a long term partner, well done, Boxes To Go.
Extremely helpful and friendly, which made the whole process of arranging custom boxes an easy process.
I appreciate the efficiency and courtesy of Tim and Robert in meeting our packaging needs.
Very friendly support team and good quality products, always available to answer any query.
Even though my order was minuscule, the service and my boxes are perfect.
Boxes to Go

Rob is very efficient, knowledgeable and prompt. He has been of great assistance in advising us of our packaging needs and I have had absolutely no hesitation in recommending Boxes To Go to people that require packaging of any kind.

Boxes to go

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Tim was prompt and attentive with correspondence all the way. This is why I used Boxes to Go even though other places were a bit cheaper. Never change! I’m still waiting for promised quotes from some other companies!
You are a company that proves that efficiency can be approached without big dramas. Your always positive attitude and effort to proactively solve whatever the challenge is, is something you should be proud of.
Dealing with Boxes To Go and Rob is what you want from all your suppliers. Always a pleasure dealing with them even though we are a small purchaser.

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